PISA73 is a German artist born in 1973 as his moniker suggests, who works with multi-layered stencils inspired by his personal struggles –  fears, desires, things that worries him or makes him angry. He started experimenting with spraycans in 1990 influenced by skateboarding, BMX, graffiti and far by now he painted walls of Germany,  Poland,  Miami… PISA73 also works as a graphic designer and illustrator.

ISA73 earned his degree in visual communication at the School of Applied Science Pforzheim, Germany. According to him, college affected the approach towards painting, it became more organized and maybe more concept driven:  “Especially the latter seems to become an obstacle every now and then because I tend to overthink and not to paint – which I regret . Since I’ve been painting walls way before attending college this didn’t change much.”

For PISA73 working with multi-layered stencils requires more than just a sketch. Usually he has a rough idea of what he wants to paint. The next step is trying to take the photo he needs since he usually tries to avoid working with other people’s work. It still happens but only if he doesn’t  have any other option and only if he re-contextualises their work. Once he got the photo, he does a rough digital sketch of the intended piece to see if he likes the size and color, if the captions works …  Hours of illustrating follow… printing… cutting and finally painting.

How has his work evolved through the years stays to be revealed by an outsider’s perspective.

PISA73 currently lives and works in Berlin, Germany.


all text shared from widewalls.ch, many thanks!

Selected Exhibitions

2013      “ARTNapping”, Superplan/Berlin, Group
2013      “Ten Years of Stychnin Gallery – All (my) Stars”, Strychnin/Berlin Germany, Group
2013      “Stencil Bastards”, Starkart/Zurich Switzerland, Group
2013      “Looking For Freedom”, Chimera Project/Budapest Hungary, Group
2012      “PISA73?, Galerie Tobias Schrade Ulm/Germany, Solo
2012      “Metropolitan”, Stychnin/Berlin Germany, Group
2012      “Oversized & Underpriced Round 4?, Superplan/Berlin Germany, Group
2012      “Nontoxic Revolution”, Strychnin/Berlin Germany, Group
2012      “Vienna Calling”, Inoperable Gallery/Vienna Austria, Group
2011      “Schablone na und?”, 44309Streetartgallery/Dortmund Germany, Solo
2011      “PISA73?, Galerie DoK/Baden Switzerland, Solo
2011      “PISA73?, La Grille/Yverdon-les-Bains Switzerland, Solo
2011      “Superplan&Friends”    art babel/Munich Germany, Group
2011      “Urban Expo”, Pretty Portal Gallery/Düsseldorf Germany, Group
2011      “Stencils Only 2011″, Pretty Portal Gallery/Düsseldorf Germany, Group
2011      “A Cut Above”, Espionage Gallery/Adelaide Australia, Group
2011      “Tape Modern No. 22: Peep Show”, Tape Club/Berlin Germany, Group
2011      “Superplan Artspace”, Formaganda/Berlin Germany, Group
2011      “Galeria Autonomica”, Munich Germany, Group
2011      “Oversized & Underpriced, Round 3? Superplan/Berlin Germany, Group
2011      “The Second Step”, Galerie DoK/Baden Switzerland, Group
2011      “Divergence”, Jakarta/Indonesia, Group
2011      “Street Fighters: Round 2?, Krakow Poland, Group
2011      “Art Mosh”,  Munich Germany, Group
2011      “Superplan”, Bright Tradeshow/Berlin Germany, Group
2010      “Stroke.03?, with Superplan/Berlin Germany, Solo
2010      “Art Karlsuhe”, with Galerie Tobias Schrade/Karlsruhe  Germany, Solo
2010      “STROKE.02″, with Superplan/Munich   Germany, Solo
2010      “Schöne Bescherung”, Superplan/Berlin Germany, Group
2010      “Infusion #3″, Herne Germany, Group
2010      “Stencils Only”, Pretty Portal/Düsseldorf Germany, Group
2010      “Public Provocations 2″, Carhartt Gallery/Weil am Rhein Germany, Group