BELIN aka Miguel Ángel Belinchón

2014     Belin Gallery 44309, Dortmund, Germany, Solo
2014     Art Madrid 2014 Gallery Fernando Latorre, Madrid, Spain, Group
2014     Expo Belin: of the Wall The Healthcare Gallery, Baton Rouge, Loussiana, USA, Solo
2013     Contemporary art fair Art 13 Madrid (Guest) Madrid, Spain, Group
2013     True and False Superheroes Wonderland Gallery, Los Angeles California, USA, Solo
2013     Agora Gallery of Fernando Latorre, Madrid, Spain, Solo
2013     Single Expocisioón 44309 street, Art gallery, Dormunt, Germany, Solo
2012     Mural Project for The Municipal Institute of Youth Leon-Guanajuato, Mexico, Solo
2012     Mural Project in Carranza Cultural Center Mexico, Solo
2012     Collective Show Caja Granada, Granada, Spain, Group
2012     STROKE Urban Art Fair BERLIN, Germany, Group
2012     Super Heroes in Crisis Indoor ARCA, Mexico, DF, Group
2012     Art Basel Miami Miami, Florida, United States, Group
2011     First prize in Graffiti HIP HOP VICAR, Almería, Group
2011     Pleasure La Casa Pintada, Linares, Spain, Group
2011     Group Exhibition in municipal building department Villa Maria La Casa Pintada, Linares, Spain, Group
2011     Against the artistic abuse Linares, Spain, Group
2011     Belin Cultural Week, Cástulo Secondary School, Linares, Spain, Solo
2011     Step in the Arena Eindhoven, Netherlands, Group
2011     Belin Jheronimus Bosch Art Center, Hertogenbosch, Netherlands, Solo
2011     Urban Tales Festival Foggia, Italy, Group
2011     Graffiti Exhibition Mexico, DF, Group, …