Alex Senna (BR)

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Alex Senna is a Brazilian Street artist born in 1982 in Orlândia who creates vivid expressions of human love, romance and relationships through youthful black and white illustrations and nostalgic symbols such as hearts, birds and balloons. By transposing his sketches to city walls around the globe he ignites urban settings with feelings of love and happiness by exposing his viewers to the intimate moments of his characters. His work is composed almost entirely in black and white, making his messages come across simple, clear, and straight from the heart.

From the languages ​​of illustration, comics and graffiti 90s, Alex Senna builds a playful, poetic and narrative strong popular appeal. Observations of human relations merged to guide the intense emotional substrates authorial production that has developed over the past six years in the city of São Paulo. Uuniversal signs taken from the child’s imagination – hearts, birds, musical notes, balloons and their compositional variations are what seems to give color to a work 90% marked by the use of black and white. Colorblind, Senna developed continuous lines of one color in his drawings and notebooks until the moment when transposed to the walls of the city, marking the urban setting with a simple and clearly affective visuality.

About Senna’s work  journalist Julia Bolliger says:”The charisma of its numerous characters – whether young dating couples, elderly, saintly placid or melancholy boys gentlemen – a romantic establish dialogue with the observer as inspire notions of dream, subjectivity, drama and faith. How were part of the same novel, fragmented in various media, can also easily be interpreted as ideal variations of the same character: the artist himself. The languid shapes of its protagonists seek balance on calculated doses of tragicomic mood. The fragility of the exposed moments invented by Senna contrast with the aggressive hardness suggested by urban art. São Paulo, impregnated by cultural vanguards, in contrast to the bucolic essence of the city of origin of the artist: the provincial Orlândia. And just like the contrast between black and white, follows Alex Senna seeking contrasts and opposites in order to be in harmony possible.”

Alex’s expressive, lanky characters bring a softness to their urban setting. These characters and their interactions typically revolve around love and relationships, whether it be a romance between an elderly couple, playful young lovers or sentiments of a lasting friendship. Senna’s works invite their audiences into these intimate interactions and evoke a feeling of nostalgia.

Alex Senna lives and works in São Paulo, Brazil. // selceted exhibition

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