Mark Gmehling (DE)

inquiry on available artworks

He started doing Graffiti in the late 80ies. He became tired of the scene at one point and started trying different kind of media and technologies to create his visual statements. The paint-brush became a spray can and later it became a Wacom-tablet. He studied art and communications design, worked in advertising and is now financing his “guerilla fight” working as illustrator. Inspired by pop culture, he developed his photorealistc style. “Contemporary Drinsch” is how he names his characters and sculptures. Important for Mark, every work tells its own story. Start thinking, that’s what he is waiting the society to by looking at his characters at least it should give everybody watching a little smile on the face. The popularity of Mark Gmehling and his work has growing fast during the past few years. Mark is exhibiting all over Europe, (London, Berlin, Weil am Rhein, Paris, Dortmund,  Angers,  Brussel, as well in Moscow and very shortly in New York and Taiwan! He is present on the Pictoplasma conferences, has released some vinyl toy, …  He has been awarded with the silver CLIO award in 2011 and won the French famous urban art award ARTAQ in 2012! To be continued, … // selected exhibition